Basketball Officials Information

Mr. Johnson received the following information from the head of Amarillo basketball officials:

Administrators and Coaches,    

Please take the time to read this and pass this information on to everyone in your system. 

 1. Profanity and disrespectful  language will not be tolerated. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  We are having far too many incidents and T fouls for this behavior.  Starting today, any use of the word F@&K will result in disqualification, Period.  This language will not be tolerated at any level. Anyone that disagrees with this can certainly call me.  806-206-0367. The Chapter has the complete support of everyone on this issue, including the people at a way higher pay grade than any of us.  NO MORE PROFANITY FROM ANYONE! PLAYERS, COACHES, FANS 

 2.  There will not be anymore personal verbal abuse towards the officials. Especially the SUB-VARSITY REFEREES.  Amarillo Chapter had 2 officials just quit this week.  Walked away and said ITS NOT WORTH IT.   We wonder why there is a shortage of referees, now we know why!!!  Varsity coaches are expected to set the example, and sub varsity coaches will leave the referees alone.  Mistakes are made by players, coaches and referees.  Some players are better than others, some coaches are better than others and some officials are better than others.   

 3.  Deal with your parents!!  No referees = No games.  Pretty simple. 

 4.  When the game is over, its OVER!  Every site we play at has an administrator and some type of security.  No one gets to get close to or confront the game officials after a game.  This is unacceptable. Not one of our officials should ever feel uncomfortable while leaving a gym.  I don't think too many of the coaches, players or fans leave a game and wonder if they can get to their car without conflict.   

 5. 95% of the officials call games for the kids.  They have no other motive. It's nice to get paid, but the majority do it because they love the game and the excitement of the actual games.  A small % are motivated by money.  That's just the truth.   Let's make this easier, not harder.   From the officials view, every game needs to be a positive experience.  We need everyone's cooperation to make this work.    

 Mike Yell  President  Amarillo Basketball